IFHIMA was a partner on a grant with the American Health Information Management Association  (AHIMA) to develop Global Health Information Curricula Competencies as an open resource to advance the profession worldwide.  The final curricula competencies for Health Information Management (HIM), Health Informatics (HI), and Health Information and Communication Technologies (HICT) is now available.

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About the Global Curricula:

The development of the global curricula was led by the Global Health Workforce Council (GHWC) where IFHIMA representatives serve in a co-chair role and as council members.  The purpose of the global curricula is to establish an open-source resource that will facilitate the development of academic programs and workforce training for various health information professions including HIM, health informatics (HI), and health information and communication technologies (HICT).  This will be a valuable resource particularly for countries and regions that do not have programs yet established to advance the profession.  For those countries with an established profession, the global curricula competencies can be a helpful resource for comparison.

The global curricula was developed by bringing together health information requirements and competencies from various countries, associations, and groups.  The result is a resource which includes curricula competencies broken down by academic level organized in modules.  The modular format allows flexibility in designing programs to meet the needs of diverse healthcare delivery systems and employer needs in countries around the world.


Source: ifhima.org

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